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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you or your family members stay at home comfortably, enhancing independence, confidence, and overall wellbeing.

We also provide oversight to assess how individuals are managing as they age or encounter health challenges. It can be hard for family and friends to gauge someone’s actual ability to cope. Our expertise in the care sector allows us to offer informed feedback and act as a preventive step, potentially delaying or reducing the need for more intensive services like formal home care.

Our Vision

Our vision is firmly rooted in a sense of community. Just Bee Lincs and EDS-Solutions share a deep affection for Waddington and its neighbouring villages. We’re driven by the desire to make a positive impact on our local area. Our commitment to this vision is evident in our efforts to hire within the community and deliver exceptional value to our customers.


We’ve already built strong local partnerships, and we aspire to be integral to the community’s growth and prosperity. When you choose our services, you’re not just receiving quality care or home improvements; you’re also supporting local employment and contributing to the success of other local businesses we partner with. It’s a circle of support that benefits all involved, reinforcing the fabric of our village and its future.

Previous Experience

Drawing from over two decades of expertise in health and social care, we possess extensive knowledge on how to lead a fulfilling, secure, and active life. At the heart of our service is a deep-seated desire for wellbeing, fuelling our passion to ensure that both our clients and staff thoroughly enjoy their experiences, creating a positive ripple effect throughout our community.

The inception of Just Bee Lincs can be traced back to the Director’s humble beginnings as a caregiver, subsequently advancing to a Registered Manager, with a special focus on dementia and end-of-life care. The cornerstone of Sarah’s career has been the integration of social value and assisting clients and their families to appreciate the essence of living a vibrant life, beyond mere existence.