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“Our service is about enriching lives, not just maintaining them. We offer the support needed to not just exist, but to live well.”

Home Help Services

Our highly experienced team can help in putting together a Lifestyle Solution Plan for you or your family member/s.

For a life rich in meaning, we believe only a few essential elements are necessary, and our service is dedicated to providing these with the following provisions:

      • A clean, safe, and hazard-free living environment. – Have your house cleaned on a regular basis perhaps?
      • Nutritious, balanced, and home-cooked meals. – We can help with shopping and preparation of meals.
      • A proactive approach to reducing isolation and loneliness. We can provide companionship, let up pop in for a chat and a coffee.
      • The enjoyment of hobbies, passions, and engagement with the community for a sense of purpose. 
      • Support with attending appointments, social outings, and visiting friends and family. 


Our team can help put together a Lifestyle Solution Plan that suits your current needs and be adapted in the future too.

Pricing from £16 per visit, we also offer initial over the phone
assessments and home visits to ascertain your lifestyle solutions free of charge.


Home Maintenance & Adaptations

Working in Partnership with EDS Solutions

We take pride in our collaborative approach, which is why we’ve partnered with EDS-Solutions Lincs LTD, a trusted local business from Waddington that specializes in home improvement and has been serving Lincoln for over two decades. Through this partnership, we are excited to offer our customers exclusive discounts on home modifications tailored to enhance safety and accessibility. Our discounted services include:

– Installation of Key Safe Boxes for secure, convenient access.

– Placement of grab rails both inside and outside the home to prevent falls.

– Conversion to walk-in showers or wet rooms for easier bathing.

– Replacement with lever taps for better handle grip.

– Groundwork to widen steps, facilitating safer and easier home entry and exit.

We believe there’s always a way to improve the safety and functionality of a home, and with EDS-Solutions’ commitment to quality service, our customers can rest assured they are in capable hands. Take a look at their WEBSITE